Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Great Weekend

We just had a really enjoyable weekend.

Firstly we played a hometown show in Barry with a number of local bands. A big thanks goes to Joe for organising this show, our first in Barry for three years. Alot of local people we knew and former band members, and friends, showed up. We played our usual set plus a debuted a new song called "Trials" and a cover of "My Hero", both of which had an awesome reaction.

After a short sleep we travelled to Davey and Karoline's wedding at Coventry Cathedral. We played for everyone then at a venue nearby as part of the wedding reception. Alot of Davey's friends are hardcore kids so it went down fine, including with parents as well! We played a number of our own songs and then "My Hero" again, and covers by Nine Inch Nails and Bon Jovi. It was a great day, although we were missing Rob who had to work. After the show was the drive home with a stop for coffee and some deep spiritual conversations which were awesome.

Then we got together after sleeping and did a songwriting session, finishing off another new song which will be ready to be played at our next show (if we choose), which is at Hobo's in Bridgend on April 3rd with Lost Souls and Polar, two awesome bands.

We've confirmed 3 European festival dates as well for the summer, and will be booking dates running up to all of them. One of my favourite bands is headlining one of these three fests so as soon as they allow us to say we are playing, that will be great. Should be cool, and we'll announce all that soon.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Boss

I've been telling everyone I possibly know, and very few of them except my Dad agree that this is a pretty cool thing.

During our 2009 tour with It Prevails we got a drum kit to use from Dark Horse Percussion, because Sean is endorsed by them. After the tour we had to give the kit to The Gaslight Anthem (great band) who used it for their Reading and Leeds Festival dates. That's cool, but the thing i've been telling everyone is that Bruce Springsteen joined them on stage for a song, and that's "our" kit playing in the background! This is the most tenuous link I will ever be able to make to The Boss in my whole life, so i'm making the most of it.

Most people don't care. But I thought it was cool.

Luke Nicholas

Thursday, March 04, 2010


This is a blog more or less cross-posted from our myspace.


After events over the past few weeks the last blog we posted 'On Our Way Back' reads as hopelessly optimistic.

As usual with this band our plans to mount a return to the touring circuit hit a brick wall due to events beyond our control. This time it was a death in the family which basically shut down the band for several weeks. Everything has ground to a halt and we cancelled both of our planned weekenders.

One thing from the last blog that continues is songwriting. We're working towards a follow-up to our debut album 'The World On Standby' which has done really well and garnered some nice reviews. We are talking to a great American band about a split and some vinyl, but an EP is also a possibility. We feel there's no point rushing into another full length while our own sound is still developing and maturing. Stay tuned for updates on that.

We have just started booking shows again and are lining up all kinds of dates. It's mostly looking like local shows but we are adding them virtually every day, so check our list for that. We are aiming to be back touring then at the end of May, when we're trying to reschedule with This Distance.

Think of it like a football player recovering from injury, that's us.

See you.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hey, time for a new blog update, though our suspicion is that nobody reads this. And really what's the point, we're just a local band from Wales. But over the years about two to three thousand people have given us money in exchange for music so maybe its possible that a handful of those people will find this interesting.

In last November's update we said we were writing a batch of new songs, that's now blossomed into writing even more songs and looking at putting out an EP or even a second album soon. They are great songs, i've felt that since last year we've started maturing and becoming an out and out heavy rock band, whereas in the past we were more obviously playing melodic hardcore (and two or three years ago much more metallic music). We'll have more to say about that eventually with some new tracks but there's no rush.

But at the same time we are still promoting The World On Standby, and really the response has been incredible during the past year. Next time we will have more time and more money, and since that album have become better songwriters and musicians anyway. The record hasn't even been out for a year yet so our live sets will continue to be dominated by the album at least until April or so.

We've done a few shows here and there lately and are playing Le Pub, Newport next week with our friends This Distance and a really interesting band called The Elijah.

We're getting back into the swing of things properly in late February and early March with two weekenders, 8 shows in total, firstly with Still Dreaming and Polar, and then alongside This Distance and Permanence. People that have seen us over the past year and talked to us- come out and say hi. We will hopefully have new songs to show you. The dates are all on our myspace.

For the rest of the year then we will be doing a mini-tour every six weeks or so up until the summer when I believe we are returning to Germany. More on that soon.

Oh also, we have an ongoing merch sale over at our myspace until the end of the month! Davey if you know him bought six shirts. I'm sure he already has a few of them and has bought extras. It's his wedding soon and he wants us to play. Great guy and we'll be hanging out again with him soon and hopefully with everyone else who likes us.

Luke Nicholas

on the TS car stereo- Thrice, Neutral Milk Hotel, Crime In Stereo, Almost Home-Closure, Saints Never Surrender

Friday, November 27, 2009

Still afloat

Things have gone quiet after a good month where we played Germany again and then did what was supposed to be a weekender with Almost Home. It ended up just being two shows with them (and Through Solace playing as a four-piece like in Germany), but was still a really nice weekend, they are good guys and a solid band, and their new full-length "Closure" is really exceptional. Anyway, we played Birmingham, it was quiet but always good to see Davey and Karoline who want us to play at their wedding! And also some of our old friends Dougle and co from Scotland, he has been a friend to this band for about three years now, a real good guy.

After going home on Saturday, where I watched some films and what not, we went out on Sunday with minimal gear, in Rohan's girlfriend's tiny car, all the way to play in Chatham, Kent. It was an incredible gig we felt. The set was fun enough but the whole drive there and back was filled with good times. The Canadian band Means has always been special to us and we listened to their CDs all the way. As the sky darkened their lyrics really took me in, and related to our drives and our travelling. Aside from that, it's worth saying the show was great, the promoter really nice to us and we saw our great friends from Still Dreaming. They are so friendly it blows me away. They have a new demo and want to play shows with us. I saw some other bands too but didn't catch all of their names and don't have a flyer to hand. Lonewolves were awesome. I had heard their name before but they played not long before us and were really dark and intense, and a four piece as well!

We don't have any shows now, and that suits us fine because we're writing a batch of new songs. Since our last album came out we've toured more than ever before and although we tried to write, haven't really made much progress. I expect that to change now and for us to line up something new to release next year. On the live front we are looking at booking a number of weekenders and tours but probably won't be doing anything major for the rest of 2009. You can still talk to us on myspace, twitter etc and we still have all our merch for sale. Until next time, bye.

Luke Nicholas

We are the restless, we are known by what we seek- Means.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fill-in Guitarist wanted

Hey everyone

We're looking to recruit a fill-in guitarist, able to practice in South Wales a couple of times per month, preferably with good gear and their own transport. We would like someone to be available for tours that our regular guitarist can't attend.

If you can help us email throughsolace[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk


Friday, November 06, 2009

Clocking in with a Winter update

Winter is upon us, and there are a few things to talk about in the world of Through Solace.

You can now follow us on twitter, @throughsolace, for regular updates.

News is as follows-

* Last week we were flown out to play at Metalfest in Germany, an annual show, this year headlined by Becoming The Archetype. Was a great show and really good time, catching up with a number of our German friends like Raffi and Tobe. It was also great fun hanging out with Mike from For Today, there are some cool pics of the show on myspace somewhere. The journey back to Wales wasn't so good, our flights got delayed and then cancelled, causing all manner of problems, but that's what happens sometimes!

* Rob has returned to University so will not be able to play every single show from now on. But, he is still part of the writing process and we will get fill-ins for tours he can't make. The songwriting is going great and we are hoping to maybe put out another EP or online release next year before we venture into doing a second full-length. Still, no firm decisions have been made yet, let's see how it goes.

* We played a last minute local show the other day with a great Welsh band The Death of Her Money, search them up on myspace. Good to see a number of our friends show up. We gave our regular set an exercise, but also played a new as yet untitled song for the first time ever. It seemed to go down well.

* Our next shows are a mini-tour/weekender with the melodic hardcore band Almost Home from northern England (Derby I think), an incredible band who really impressed us when we played with them before. Their record 'Closure' is out, now, hit up their myspace and buy it. The shows are:
20th November- Birmingham @ Wagon and Horses
21st November- TBC
22nd November- Chatham @ Tap N Tin "Mugfest" with Lavotchkin, Feed the Rhino and others

This will be our first time on the road since the It Prevails tour back in August.

* We have been gifted an opportunity to return to the USA next year. We are currently considering it, but it would only be a short trip rather than a full tour. Watch this space!

If anyone is coming out in November, that would be great!